Ranting Out!

Great things are done by a series of small things brought together — Van Gogh.


Honestly, there are so many things that I feel like I want to talk about. I know that my friends would like to hear me out but I just feel like I am being a burden to them and so I just want to say it out here since it is more easy to me. I know it has almost been just two months of 2018 but I just feel like so many things happened that I can’t help but feel like crying. It wasn’t really a serious matter, I just feel like it is better to let it out on a place where you can actually say about something that is unlimited for you to write down. I don’t do diaries because that thing is not my style. I want to talk about anxiety, education, friendship and being mistreated. Maybe some more.

Warning : I might go off to nowhere so read at your own risk, I have zero controls and I might use vulgar here.

1. Anxiety

  • I started to have my anxiety when I was 12 years old, and started to develop more mental illness when I was 13 years old. Obviously, it was something that is really hard for me to control. By now, it’s 3:37AM and I don’t know what time will this blog be done. However, I stop having my anxiety in this early 2018. I only have trouble with eating and sleeping disorders, as I am currently still wide awake whilst everybody else is sleeping very well. I don’t know where to start about how it actually came back. All I know is that, it made my head throbbing every time I tried to lay or even stand up. My breathing is getting shorter and harder when I talked or shut my mouth, I had to breathe harder than ever. I started to feel like there are people watching around me when there’s no one, I feel like I am paranoid as well. It is crazy at how you don’t really know whats going on but it just happened out of nowhere. Your heart beats faster, you have cold sweats and your mind suddenly black out. You couldn’t even understand a thing, you’re spacing out and that’s for sure, your mood is down to hill. I tried to cry, but I just couldn’t. I am laughing my ass off but it just feels like empty to me. Like, I did not mean anything. I don’t understand and I laughed because everybody else was laughing.

∞ I just don’t know how to handle this anxiety off mine, someone actually send me a link of where I can buy a book that I would write down about my day and someone who sent me a thread about anxiety on Twitter. Then again, I just don’t feel like it’s enough for me to feel like my anxiety is being cured. I don’t know how many people would reach out to me and give me help but as far as I know there are some of my friends who wouldn’t understand and give a damn. It’s okay, since I don’t want to be a burden. They have life and they might also have problems in a day.

» If you could, please help me. I can’t deal with the pain (head throbs, racing heart, difficulties in sleeping and eating, etc). I don’t really need counselor, therapy, pills and other. I just need y’all to say something that helps you and would at least cure mine a little.

2. Education

  • Recently, about 2-3 weeks ago, I actually received my result. It wasn’t really satisfying, I ended up going to the opposite way of my dream. I was going to think that I would at least achieved something better. But, I didn’t. Sure, I laughed with my friends… but behind them, I actually cried. I cried in the dark, some nights alone and never told anyone. I was having a hard time, I just don’t feel like I have the reason to actually be alive anymore. I mean, yes, it’s something that wasn’t really deep but I just feel like what I want went missing in just a few second. It hurts. Knowing that the dream that you have been running for, are not waiting for you. The interest you have in one specific thing, went away because you’ve disappointed yourself. I have no hope to go anywhere, I have no hope on doing a great job in the future. All I could think is about flopping everything. Mostly, it feels like everything is torn apart now. There are nights where I don’t sleep for studying, but why do I feel like what I do is barely enough? The night where I received so much criticism was such a painful night that would always be playing around in my mind every time I think about it. It was bothering me, it made me feel like dying, it made me feel like I seriously want to give up with life. To some people, I am being ridiculous. For real, I rather be studying than working. I feel like studying is what would bring you to somewhere much better, something that made you feel like you’re actually on the road of being successful. It’s like something that would make everyone around you look up to you and are proud with what you are doing right now. Then… we are not all the same. The level of intelligence for you and I, wouldn’t be on the same level. I could be on level 2 and you’re level 5.

∞ But actually, I didn’t give up. I have taken another examination under Cambridge, I applied for college with different courses; even though I didn’t reach out for designing. I actually started to work and make money, I am slowly getting back on my feet. I am slowly trying to change the style of studying. I am bringing the positivity back. Because man, I was proud enough that Ms. Lee said; “I actually expected you to get 80% for Math and you actually pass. I am so proud of you” and I couldn’t help it but hide my watery eyes when she said that. Like yo, it’s your girl who received 16% during her examination and barely reaching to 35% for class test. Guess who got a pass for her Math during the big exam? Me. Though… I had to take it once again, I have to and it’s a must to me to challenge myself once again.

» I have nothing much to ask from you guys but it is okay to fail. It is okay to cry. It is okay to take another examination. BUT! It is not okay to give up. Once you gave up, nothing will be easy in your life. Sure you’d get a job, but are you satisfied with how you’re living? I doubt it, but if it is what makes you happy… Be grateful, always.

3. Friendship

  • Do you what’s exciting about having friends? You can share your stories to them, you can have any gossips with them, you can vent out your feelings and all of that stuff. But do you know what could go wrong? When someone hurts your feeling, never admit it and keep on hurting you. Who are they ruining? My image, my feelings and creating more insecurities in me. It is more sad that, when they actually don’t really care about you because they have so many friends, they have their own partner in life, they just don’t like you but used you. It doesn’t matter if you have been friends since kids, teenagers or they are new. Not everything that is old, gold. No. People change, people distrust, people leave. What’s the point of asking? When they won’t tell you the truth. What’s the point of explaining? When you know they won’t believe it. Yet, what’s the point of you staying? When you know you’ll end up getting hurt. It’s unfair, because they hurt you and you don’t know what you did wrong. It hurts, because they have the heart to hurt you and pretending that they didn’t mean it. It hurts, because even when you laughed it out… they still hurt you. They know that you know, but they just carry on with it. It’s not like it was just a friend that I knew since we were a kid, but there’s more. There’s some who actually go to you, when they feel like it. Go to you, because they have been hurt. Go to you, because you’re easy.

∞ However, even when one went missing. At least I know, there are one that secretly cares about me. Even when one left, there’s one that come and picked me up. Like I said, not every old is gold and not every new is fresh. People come, hurt, laugh and leave. What you gotta do? You don’t just sit down and let them treat you like that. Beat them off, I don’t mean physically, but verbally. Don’t go and fall into their shitty trap, “Face me, that is better” when all they do would always lie and say “Why are you always butt-hurt over a thing that is not about you? Grow up”

Here’s why, the next time you are trying to lie. Make sure you have receipts on what’s right and what’s not. Next time going on social network, dissing people, make sure you don’t make it FOR EVERYONE TO FEEL LIKE IT IS FOR THEM. Make sure that the next time you feel like not in the mood and drop the shit off, DON’T MAKE OTHER FEELS LIKE IT IS BECAUSE OF THEM YOU’RE THAT WAY. Next time, you want to be sad. You can just text other people if you feel like I am just a bother to you. If you hate me, why did you even comeback to text me and play all nice? I am sorry, but I actually had enough. Do you know what have I gone through? Yeah right, you don’t, SO DO I when it comes to you. Hurting other people intentionally or unintentionally, and knowing how much sad or hurt they are, all you can do is say sorry instead of making them feel like it is their fault. Don’t lay on your bed, and add more fuel to their fresh wounds. Are you really that low?

» There, the honestly-talk. No, I didn’t make it to someone. I made it generally because there are some people who know how to treat me wrong and put me into the place where I feel like I am their prey. Excuse me, but if you can’t show it to me directly, that’ll go the same with me. If you hate dealing with me, tell me. If I am annoying, don’t act like you’re not. Another excuse me, please do not harm other people when you’re not in a good mood. Please do not cross the line that you’ve drawn. Please do not go off limits to someone. Because, you don’t know how much painful it would be since you’re doing something when you’re in or out of your mind. Please, don’t feed your ego too much that you are hurting other people’s feeling then the next thing you’d blame them for being too much. If your friends are still there for you, please do appreciate them. Nothing last forever, in one day where you don’t know when, where it is a day you laugh because you enjoyed, it might also be the day where you cry because someone who used to care about you is officially gone.

4. Mistreated

  • I would go off with telling you guys that I am officially 18. I am not tall, small but fun-sized. I may not look like I am around my age and above, I may look like someone who’s 13 years old. Sure that, I love to joke around, I’m like free-spirit and open minded. However, being disrespect by someone younger is just a mess. I don’t care if you’re taller, you have many friends, you are not from our district/country; but disrespecting people is not cool. I don’t give a damn about how the people in your place was, because I know that your parents and teachers would teach you manners. I don’t mind when people go off with, “You are so pathetic” or “Okay, you’re not pretty and fun” but like being cussed for saying out the truth. Are you okay with that? No shades, this guy he goes off, too much. He was asking me out for a hangout and I clearly said “No, I hurt my legs” besides that, it was 9:45PM. Remarks, I clearly reject and tell him the reason, however he said “Liar” “Mother’s cunt” “Stupid dumbass” “Bitch” — Then the funny thing is that, I said “I’m sorry” and he goes off again with “So rude” which I clearly have no idea why was I being called rude. He made a comeback when I didn’t reply but I was online and I didn’t read his message, he said “You don’t have to reply my message HAHAHA, mother’s cunt” and so I said “Yeah okay” thinking that I’d get an apology but he replied, “Bitch shut up” and I go “OK” whereas he replied with a ‘K’. With that, I left him on read because I can’t deal with that kind of guy.

∞ I have never been treated like that by a guy before. That was like my first time being called out differently yet rude. I was being honest, just to get all kind of stupid remarks instead of just an “Okay, maybe next time” — I just knew how abusive he could be with his own words EVEN if to him that it is just a joke, but saying that to a girl who is older and your own senior? Are you that low? I mean I could go and snap but it’s useless to fight with kid. I don’t know how do they even learn such kind of words.

» Always watch out your actions and be careful with your words. You are hurting someone’s feelings, you don’t know it but you are actually abusing someone with your stupidity. It doesn’t matter if you’re a girl or a guy, but hurting someone was never cool and it was the opinion that only you think it would be funny instead of ‘hurtful’ — Respect other people’s opinion, you don’t actually feed them food to grow, you don’t actually give them shelter to live under, you don’t actually make money for them… So why are you the one who controls their life? Do they have no life? And importantly, don’t treat people rudely that it would make them obey you. They are humans, not your dogs that you’re training. What you give, is what you get.

And so, that is my some kind of rants. It might be offensive but I am sorry if I have ever make you feel totally off. I am here to clearly say that I have been here before and currently. If you can’t deal, leave. I have had enough with people who come off rudely. It is like you are bullying someone without you knowing it. You are hurting someone, and you don’t know what they might do to you, people around you or to themselves.


With that, the words; respect me and I will respect you exist for reason. You just had to know your limit and the other’s limit. Be there for someone who needs help, just like how they would always be there for you. One day, they’ll be gone and not everyone is going to deal with you for so long like how that someone would.

If you’re dealing with crazy bullshit, ask for some advice. There are some people who is willing to listen and help. Don’t go with just “Bitch, I am depressed/stressed/sad” to someone, ask them questions “Yo man, I don’t feel okay. Do you mind if I let it out to you? Are you free for some talking time?” — The reason is that, I have been realizing that some people I have talked to, would have a bad day or crying. So, it taught me AND they actually might be busy but trying to hear you out and help… so, appreciate them for sacrificing.


Judge nothing, you will be happy.

Forgive everything, you will be happier.

Love everything, you will be happiest.

— Sri Chinmoy




End of 2017 Plans

There are 74 days left until 2018 and 20 days until my examination ends. I don’t really know where should I go after I am officially done with school but all I care is that I am just leaving it nicely. The past few months in 2017, I swear I was stressing out. Nothing is working very well in terms of anything. You can say studying, relationship and more to go. Well, past doesn’t deserves any attention, so lets not talk about. I mean, it’s all dull and boring. Not worth any attentions.

As I said, there are about 20 days left until my examination ends. I was so excited with that, I mean there are many things I have to catch up with. Things like; sleeping, eating, hanging out, going on a vacation and work. Lately, I have been stressing out too, well I am facing a problem where you can call it insomnia. I don’t really have anything to worry about, I am literally done with everyone for now. I have no time to worry about other people, like I have told myself that it is useless to take care of other people when all they do is sugarcoating their words but stabs your back. I am experiencing things that I have planned the actions in my head, well imagination that I have expecting it in reality. Few can say that I am being childish and some might say I am being too sensitive. I won’t apologized on being myself because I am done being such a nice person only to see people blaming me and guilt-trip me.

Oh sorry, I was being salty while ago. Anyways, I am wondering if I should follow my friends going on a vacation or just stay and attend Gala Night which is being done by my school. The only problem for both is that I have no money, I have to buy dress and stuff which I am supposed to need for the night. I don’t even have any dollar for a vacation, I am literally broke. Putting all that asides, I decided to work at a daycare since playing with children can make my day better than anybody else could. I don’t mean anything rude, what I am trying to say is that, watching how happy kids are without having any stresses just made my day better. They deserves something better for all the happiness they had. Thoughts of wanting to have one, but I am too young for that and considering I am not ready, I’ll take it back.

Things have been going around which turns out to be complicated and it’s no use for me to worry too much about it. In returns of how stupid can small things go, I decided to quit and move on with what I am supposed to reach for. Okay, where am I going with this? Back to working at a daycare, I found myself awkward since I am like 17 years old and small. Insecurity at its best for the moment, but for real, imagine working and they might thought I am just a friend. I’m not being funny but, okay if that’s what you thought. Though I am not sure on what to do with my life when school ends, I am the definition of Khalid’s Young Dumb & Broke. Get that promo man. Okay, that is just so lame.

Basically my November 2017 will be a boring month too, depending on what I am going to decide with; Gala Night or a trip with my friends for almost a month, that sounds very absurd but I do need a vacation since I just feel like I need a moment to calm myself down before things started to become more stressing. I swear I am going to be busy after my exam, I just knew that and I keep on saying that because I accidentally recall my plans with my squad. Yes, accidentally. Nah, kidding, my friends are my supporters and yet the reason why I am moving forward with my life. That sounds like I was going to kill myself, but no, they knew my sick past and they are like my school’s family. Cringed, but they are also the reason why I am smiling even when I am down in every classes. You get me? No, okay..

No lies, but I am going to be taken from December 2017 up to March 2018. Everyone become such sweet people after knowing how stress I was back then, how many days and nights I spent in my room crying and not coming out to eat, I opened up on my Instagram which caught half attentions from my followers. That is just so sad. Days after revealing how I felt, my family starts to plan on going a vacation. My brother and his wife decided to bring me to somewhere for sightseeing. My friends are making up plans to do during school breaks. We might be having a sleepover, but it is not confirmed by me. Being a leader, I just have to go through a lot of sufferings but it is fine since I am supposed to manage them ducks. I am sorry friends, I just feel like claiming it that way. Other than that, I am also planning on taking Business course since being a fashion designer doesn’t really make me feel better in my family. I mean, in my point of view, becoming fashion designer won’t work very well in my country. Just saying, ha.

January 2018, I am officially legal baby! Knowing that I am going to drive was nice, but it was annoying that I am going to be the driver of every friends of mine. I was all being nice, giving 24/7 services of ranting session but to know “Pick me up soon” instead of “I’ll pay you soon for letting me rant” like bro, my life is not easy. Listening to 5 or more problems in one day won’t help my fuel to be full always. Kidd, I am a nice friend. No pay just pray. Okay it turns out like I am being dumb.

I decided to stop here, I mean I was going to be a nice person with normal blog to be published. I guess, it’s not the day to be normal today since I kept on being shady. I mean I was writing the blog while rapping to ‘Bed of Lies’ by Nicki Minaj. I am such a pro at that, well by all means, I am thankful and sorry for this blog. I’ll edit it soon once I am in a great mood for that. Have a great day because you deserve it! Be safe and don’t forget your daily meals!

New Chapter

Don’t be afraid to start over, it’s a brand new opportunity to rebuild what you truly want.

I have deleted my old blogs, to start a ‘new’ one as a starter of my new chapter. Though chapters started in every each new year, or maybe depends on how you want it. I’ll make my new chapter based on how I finally learn to accept different kind of things that has ever happened to me; past, present and future which about to come by tomorrow or so. The things that only matter right now is just that I have to live my life perfectly like how normal teenagers would. At the age of 17, still illegal and had to wait for the moment of being legal and not really a rebel. I just need to be a year older to certify myself as someone who can drive and go to places that I have been wanting to go.

Though only some can relate, but being a student sure is a pain in the ass. Trying to manage time perfectly both at school and home. Free times? Yeah, try filling it in with studies and staying at home with no vacation for the whole year. Oh, remember when I used to reveal that 2017 will be the end of my semester in high school? It will be in two more months. I’m going to spend days and nights with only cramping in my room to study for the sake of leaving the school with better result and graduating. It is a dream to be up on stage, shaking hand, being certified as a student with ‘I-Don’t-Know’ result but still coming out awesome, I hope.

Truth to be told, I have been improving a lot in my studies, except for some subjects. Well hey, I did much better now. I realized that back in July, I woke up 2 A.M up until 4 A.M just to study, but it doesn’t work well since my body needs enough rest and my brain does need it too, but you know I am just a lazy-ass person. Lately, my mood is off due to how my exam finished and receiving a very satisfying-but-not result. Honestly, I want to have a satisfying result unlike how I want during my first exam, but since now it’s a payment kind of exam. If I have failed 2 subjects, I have to pay with the amount given and where do I get money easily as a student? Hey! enough with school related. Lets go back to driving.

Here in my place, the legal age minimum to drive is 18 years old. Who wouldn’t be happy to have their own car, leaving school, going around whenever you want? I mean, it wouldn’t be an easy task, but they say practice makes perfect. I might be picking up my friends at anytime, go to my sister’s place which is far from where I am, I can go to Starbucks to have my coffee (well, only if I am lazy to make myself one). What sucks more is that, I have to drive myself to work every workdays. Though it won’t last longer, as I am planning to apply college. I don’t really mind going to work, but lets not get to that level yet. I am willing to study until where I can, damn really? I guess. There are reasons on why I am working and willing to continue my studies. Work; I could have my own salaries, I can give half to my parents as a gratitude for everything they’ve done to me since young. Paying my fees, clothing, food and such others. School; It’s where I can go further away with my dream and giving all my best to reach for the brightest star in the night sky (I cringed). First thing first, I haven’t decide on what to be. Fashion designer, photographer or any other. I have been too caught up with my school that I couldn’t have the time to think about my future or next decision after school.

And! To become a new person, not really, just a person who finally accept things that what I am going through has already gone through by some people. Like how we had to go school in the early morning, such things. Everyone already had this ‘been there, done that’ situation. Break up, failure, mistakes but they carry on with their life. Living it without taking care of their past because they know that it can’t be done correctly once again. Like how a glass fell, broken into pieces, not even glue would help to attach it perfectly back in one piece. I have much respects for the people who had the courage to live their life perfectly by times, having fun without caring about what other people say, and mostly those who succeed in everything with what they achieved. They’re living amazing.

It is too early, but I have plan things that I wanted to do after my exam ends. Having almost 4 months of holidays while waiting for my result, I couldn’t just sit down properly. I couldn’t wait to spend days of vacation with my family. Going out doing activities with my girlies, only one planned to go out with me for now (but let just say -lies so I don’t look like a picky person though I am not but oh well). ALSO! god, I am too happy to write this blog about how I feel, so!! I just did let out everything that I have been keeping by myself on my Instagram account. No lies, it was a little challenging because I have 1k followers. I haven’t post something with a very long caption. Most of these people who follow me, I either know them or it could be the otherwise. No close friendship, just normal. It caught a lot of attention as where some asked me if I am fine or not, but hella yes I feel special for the night. It was my very first time, telling something to people that I don’t know very well about whats disturbing me. After what happened last night, I am starting to let things go on its own. Whoever stays with me, I’ll let them stay. Whoever leave me behind, I’ll let them walk away. Whatever makes me happy, I’ll appreciate the moment and hoping that it will last longer.

With sincerity of writing a new chapter of mine or writing this blog about how I feel, I just want to make myself feel better and hoping that days would end perfectly fine. My hopes in 2017 would never change, it’ll stay having improvement in studies, better result, family/friends vacation, graduation under ‘Year 11; Class of 2017’ and last but not least, to make my family proud of who I am.

I’d like to congratulate myself for making my so first-ever blog looks or sounds happy. But, there is nothing wrong with moving on making your life better. You deserves to be happy too!

“Nurture your mind with great thoughts. To believe in the heroic makes heroes” -Benjamin Disraeli.